Thursday, September 8, 2011

Save Fred!!

FRED is in danger of drowning!

How did you save him?

Mr. Forde :-)


Anonymous said...

that was a really fun science expriment!!!!!!!!!!! and saving fred wasent easy.

Ashleigh Lyons :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! It wasn't easy!!! But Fred was saved!!!!!
Hayley Smith :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the Fred science experiment!!!!! I didn't know that so many gummy words were named Fred. Lol! You rock Mr.Forde!!!!:):):)

Jenny Gorski

Anonymous said...

the experiment took a lot of team work and strategy but was able to save fred - jordan g

Anonymous said...

This was wayyyyyyy tougher than it looked. Can't wait to work on the procedure. Have an awesome weekend mr.forde and I can't wait for class on Monday!!!!!! :)

Will Bruno

Anonymous said...

that was really team almost dropped him but i saved him :D

Esmeralda :)

Anonymous said...

That was an exciting Experiment dropped fred couple of times xD lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Forde!
I had a great time in science class saving Fred! Can't wait to see what we do next! :)

Jordan Benzaken

Anonymous said...

it was a really fun experiment and i loved trying to save fred from falling with just paper clips. It wasn't very easy but we figured it out.

Colin Rella

Anonymous said...

Hayley Smith :)

Anonymous said...

This science experiment was fun and showed different ways to solve this problem

Christian P

Anonymous said...

heyy today was so fun
sofia silva

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome experament. Fred shall live on! Even though we also dropped him a few times...Oh Well :3 XD :P :) :D

Anonymous said...

that was really fun and dropped fred 2 times!!!!!! :( but his fine now!!!!!
Domenica Brito

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Forde. That save Fred experiment was fun. Don't understand why you wanted to save me but O.K. But that experiment was really fun and so far its more fun than last year. =)

Fred Halbro =)

Anonymous said...

Saving fred was hard but possible (:

Anonymous said...

That waz really fun but im stuck on the homework the one on 4-7 question 4

Chrismide J. Chery :)

Anonymous said...

that was a really fun science experiment.

Axel Sifuentes

Anonymous said...

that was a fun expirement but it wasnt easy.

Valerie Galan (:

Anonymous said...

Fred was harder to save then I thought it would be!I nearly cut him in half with the paperclips!


Anonymous said...

FRED IS ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and will float on to bigger and better things.

Owen Kilian

Doctorslime said...

Hey Mr. Forde,

Your Kids seem excited about this can you share the experiment.

Email me
I'd love to hear about it.

Jim Forde said...

This is a SEPUP experiment called SAVING FRED. I bet you could google it.

jim :-)