Monday, September 26, 2011

Data Toss!

So this is a science class? Mr. F :-)


Anonymous said...

that was hard BUT it was very fun to do it!!!!

Domenica Brito

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh Lyons

Justin W. said...

Hey look; I'm one of the stars in the video! Just kidding. I have so much fun every day with you. Can't wait to come to science tomorrow to finish up data toss! :)

Anonymous said...

That was such a fun experiment. Alex and I had an awesome time balancing Beaker on our haeds!!!:)
Jenny Gorski

Anonymous said...

hey i wanted to be in the video

rachiim clarke

Anonymous said...

that was the best science class ever, with the exception of saving fred!!!! :) Melanie Gorski

Anonymous said...

You couldn't video tape group 5 ? lol this was one of the best experiments ever can't wait to see the next one

Anonymous said...

cool awsome video

Owen kilian