Sunday, September 18, 2011

Qualitative and Quantitative

If you were going to buy me a cool Mustang what qualitative and qualitative data would you want about the car before you bought it for me? (which I know you will soon)


Anonymous said...

You wrote qualitative twice

Jim Forde said...

You are right! Qualitative and quantitative.... Now answer the question!

Mr. F :-)

Anonymous said...

I will buy you this car when i am rich.

-Garrett Waldner

Justin Wexler said...

The Qualitive data tht i would like to now are the color the wheel collor the leather color the stering wheel color and other stuff like that the quantitive would be miles gas car facts and other stuff 2 know about cars...dont worry mr f ill buy u it! :)

Anonymous said...

Are the wheels new or old
Is the engine working well
Is the paint coming off or not

How many miles has it been driven
What year is it from
How many cubic inches of room is their in the trunk

Anonymous said...

1. what color
2. how long
3. is it in good shape
4. is it new
5. miles gas
6. miles per hour
But when I'll get a car I will but you one 2!!!

Anonymous said...

clean windsield and if the car was uesd~renzo~

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Forde! Still going on about that mustang? :D I miss your science class. It's hard this year, but I have another great teacher! Have fun!

-Swathy =]