Monday, September 12, 2011

Pellagra Story

Click here to see the video that we watched in class today.

Mr. Forde :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Forde,
My dad thought the gummy worm experiment was cool and interesting


Anonymous said...

whats up my man doood and doodets
sofia silva

Anonymous said...

i like what we did today tht video was sad and mean :(

Anonymous said...

it was fun and sad what we did today the video was the sad thing and the fun thing was everything else

Jim Forde said...
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Jim Forde said...

I'm glad Mariam! Mr. F :-)

Anonymous said...

I rewatched the pellagra video just now. this was SUCH an interesting topic to me! :) and my dad says that he can help you with your computer problem:D


Anonymous said...

This was SUCH an interesting topic to me too!!!!!!!!!! and I want to learn more about this topic!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i thought this video was really sad. but really cool to learn about!

Ashleigh Lyons <8)

Anonymous said...

I just watched the pellagra video over again...that was a very interesting topic :)

Alex F. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was very interesting. And very scary how something like eating that kind of food can kill you. That is scary.

Anonymous said...

The video says you can't get Pellagra because it was wiped out right? At lunch a lot of people *not saying names :3* said that I should eat healthy or I'll get Pellagra!

The Phoenix
a.k.a. Michou

Anonymous said...

That was cool discusting and educational all in one you rock Mr. Forde.

Owen Kilian

Doctorslime said...

Dear Mr. Forde,

Just Surfed in. Thank you for Posting the Pellagra Story... I enjoyed learning from your Blog.