Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alien Song

Back to School! 2009 - 2010

Hi to all incoming black team 7th graders!
(and all of you lurking 8 th graders)

Welcome to the blog. You'll be seeing a lot of this web page during the school year. I use it continuously to enhance and support my class. It is also an easy way to access me outside of class time and a great way to learn more on your own about the world of science.

Please note the links on the right. You'll find links to the black team page, homework hotline, and my cornell notes. (These will change over time.) I also post review game links and extension links.

Also, note at the bottom of this post where it is labeled "comment". Click there to leave a response to this message. Select "anonymous" and then you won't have to join blogger. Sign your name though, so I know who you are!

Our first unit will be ecology, which we will cover until early november, then we will learn about cells, genetics the human body and lastly food preservation/microbes.

Drop me a line to say hi ....and let's get this show on the road!

Mr. Forde

This is me!