Saturday, March 29, 2008

Skeleton Links

These links might help you over the next few days!
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1) Bones Quiz

2) Skeleton Disaster

3) Your bones

Metric Enrichment

Hi All,

My enrichment class for the past two weeks revolved around metric measurement. It is a very important skill for eighth grade and for the coming sciencve CMT test. Please consider playing the following metric games to work on your skills!

Try These games.

Great Metric System info

Try this quiz

Mr. F :-)

Some kids hard at work!

Skeleton start!

Hi All,

This week we started learning a bit about the human body. We discussed body organization and the skeleton. We rapped the major bones and started creating our own skeleton. See the movie below to see the black team students in action!

Mr. F :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enrichment Post #10- Human Body

Click on this link to get access to a cool web site about the human body.

Write me a response with one or two questions you have about the human body!

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Food Drive Commercial

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Test this thursday!

Hi All!

Don't forget to review your notes for our test on all genetics topics on Thursday. I will be after school on Monday and Tuesday to review with any or all of you!

Topics on the test include: definitions from the cornell note (now working on the site), Meiosis, gamete production, Punnett Squares, genotype/phenotype, heterozygous(hybrid)/homozygous(purebred), DNA, Chromosomes, karyotype and any other topic we covered!

Here is a young lady brushing up on her DNA code for the test!

A fishy contest!

What shall we name them?

Please come up with two names for the two newest additions to Mr. Forde's class. Post them as a response below. Thanks for your help! We'll vote on them next week.

Mr. F :-)

Week of 3/10

Hi All,

This week was all about Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and preparing for our debates. Half of the students choose to support them while the other half of the group decided that they were against! We made up teams of 4 (and a couple of 5) and off we went! I saw half of the team presentation on Friday and was impressed with how much the students learned in a short period of time! It was fun to watch the debate in action.

Here is a picture of a few outstanding debaters from one class standing at our "tree podium".

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PHB (biodegradable plastic)

As a part of a discussion on genetic engineering (inserting thegenes of one organism into another) we discovered PHB plastic which is created naturally by a bacterium. It is cool because it is completely biodegradeable!

Find out more here...

This is a good site to learn about the PHB plastic!

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