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Cell Model

This is what the set-up looked like when we were done following the instructions.

What did we learn by doing this experiment?
What does the bag represent?

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The Parachute STEM challenge data!

Period 1 was the class with the highest average and highest individual time. Period 6 came in second with periods 3 and 4 seperated by only a hundreth (.01) of a second difference! It is truly amazing when you think of how different all of the designs were!

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Guess the following objects!





Animal and plant cell interactives!

Click here to see the Animal and Plant Cells!

Drawing with a microscope

Don't click here!

Useful Cell Links!

Hi All!

After the break we begin our cell unit! Here are some cell links to get your mind pre-loaded.

1) Cells Alive

2) Great cell diagrams- http://

3) Other great diagrams-

4) Organelles Quiz-

5) Cell Size Simulation

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Bill Nye on the Heart!

Heart Sounds link!

Click here to go to web site that features healthy and not so healthy heart sounds!

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Kids Health Heart Movie!

Click Here for the kids Health Movie on the Cardiovascular System.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The heart is strong!

Many tired arms in science class today....why??

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's really happening!

Pumps and the heart.

Here we are learning about pumps and the heart.  How were these pumps like a heart? How were they different?  What was happening inside of the black pump?

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Canned Food Drive starts Wednesday!

Let's do what we CAN to help those in need!

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Review the way blood flows!

Click here to play this awesome Study Jam Video!!

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Path of Blood Through the Heart!

Click Here to see a great demo of blood moving through the heart and lungs!
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