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Geting Slimed!

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Yucca Mtn Video from Class! (Wed)

Link to the Yucca Mtn video----> Click Here

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Convection Currents 2

convection currents demo

Click here to review different types of lithospheric plate boundaries.

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Plate Motion

Here is the plate tectonic animation simulation we played with in class today!


Mr. F :-)

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Why did this happen?

Why do you think this occurred after a heavy rain storm? Mr. F :-)

Erosion and Deposition movie!

Click Here!

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Cloonan Topographic Map

What happens to your elevation as you move West on North street?
What is the Contour Interval for this map?

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Landforms to view

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Possible results??

Particle Sizes



What do the following images tell us about soil absorbancy?
Which particle size will absorb the most?
Which will absorb the least?

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GMO: video 2

GMO : video 1

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GMO research links

Great set of research links!

Click here!

Mr. Forde :-)

Gov. Malloy and GMOs

Read more here!

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What are GMO foods? (Intro.)

Follow this link to learn more about GMO food.

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Hatfield and McCoy Feud video

What role do yuo think Von-Hipple Disease could have had on the feud?
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Genetics Review Game

Flash Cards

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Gregor Mendel Video and RAP!

Tim and Moby on Genetics!

Click here to see the Brain Pop movie!

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Genetics Review

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Click here to review mitosis!

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Shd we be allowed to clone humans?

We all know that cloning is asexual reproduction because it only involves one parent and results in offspring that are identical to the parent.

Do you think that human cloning should be allowed? Why is this an ethical dilemma?
Mr. F :-)

Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction game

Click here to play!

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CRISPR gene drive

Scratch Programming Resources

Scratch programming resources:

1) Scratch Help!-

2) You Tube Scratch Intro!

3) -

4) What is Scratch? from -

5) Getting Started with Scratch pamphlet -

6) Teacher Led Scratch Lesson Plans -

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DNA the Book of You

Karyotype Game

Click here to play the karyotype game from class!

Have fun! get 23 chromosomes from mom and 23 from dad!

Mr. F :-)

Genetics Twin Movie: Nature or Nurture?

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In DC... Be good for our guest tchr!

I just wanted you guys to know that I'm thinking abt you all today.  I can't wait to tell anyone around me about the exciting work we do together at Cloonan MS!

Be good!  See you all (with my sign) Thursday AM!

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Food-Borne Illness Research Links

Food-Borne Illness Research Links:

Research link #1

Research link #2

Research link #3

Research link #4

Research link #5

I hope you find these useful in answering the following questions:

1) What causes your disease?

2) What are the symptoms of your disease?

3) How does the disease spread?

4) How do you treat this disease medically to make people well?

5) What are two interesting/ important facts about your disease.

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RACE Essay Form

NASA Food preservation vid

Click Here to see the NASA food preservation video!

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Immune System Movie

Click here for the Immune System Movie

Mr. F :-)

A blood slide!

What are we seeing in this slide?

Could this represent a "normal" blood sample?

Mr. F :-)

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