Monday, September 26, 2011

Describe your original ball toss experiment.

What was your independent variable. (What was being changed?)

What was you dependent variable. (What data was being collevcted?)

Mr. F :-)


Marco D'Elia said...

The dependent variable in this experiment was 1 hand verses 2 hands. The independent variable was how many times the ball was caught out of 20 tries.
Marco D'Elia

Anonymous said...

i liked that homework cause my 1st experiment was about kindergarten playing hot potatoe.!!!!
Sofia Silva

Anonymous said...

wasn't that homework????
Sofia Silva

Jim Forde said...

Hey Marco..... other way around.

I like to think D is for the dependent variable is the data we are collecting.... which is the number of catches.

Let's talk more about this today!

Mr. F :-)

colin Rella said...

mr.forde what were we suppose to do for data on the lab report