Sunday, September 7, 2014

What is your plan for saving Fred??

FRED is in danger of drowning! 

Tomorrow we will come up with ways to save him...I hope!

Mr. Forde :-)

PS- Don't forget your binder with the single divider for a vocabulary section.


Quenetta Fearon said...

When we had the last 5mins what u made us do was our honework right bcuz if it was i finished it in class quenetta

Jim Forde said...

Hi Q,

I need you to put as much detail into your plan for saving Fred as possible.

Anonymous said...

yo this is going to be fum 2morrow i cant wait. and can i write more than one idea?

Anonymous said...

Hey mr.forde where r the pics u took today with saving fred? i wanted to` show my mommy!

angie siana said...

Me.forde I can't do my homework I don't get it can u help

Anonymous said...

Project was fun!
Alex Garcia

Anonymous said...

why Couldn't Fred just lean to swim??!!!!