Sunday, September 14, 2014

Should prisoners be used in medical experiments, like Pellagra?

What do you think??? What are the "ethical" issues? Mr. F :-)


Anonymous said...

i think tht prisoners shouldnt be used in medical experiments because if u give tht prisoner some thing u cant cure they will hav to live with it 4 the rest of their life. even if they r on death row, who wants to remember their last days being sick. i know i wouldnt.
K.F d(-_-)b

Anonymous said...

hello mr. forde i know i am not in ur class anymore but i just want to say i miss u i wich u could go back to 7 grade but anyways and the answer to this question is no because you should use fake medicine with out asking the prisiner.
-sephora sanon

Anonymous said...

hi Mr.Forde!

I think that it should be ok to use prisoners for medical experiments because they have a choice whether or not to engage in it, and because they wouldn't be in prison if they didn't to something wrong in the first place. -kai terzis