Monday, December 14, 2015

What is happening here?

It has something to do with cells!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Forde you forgot our bottle.... It was bottle 1 from the P.P.F. class.

See you at school,
Paula Szymanowicz

Anonymous said...

Hey it looks like TEAM Z will work--- YES!

-------Rohit Jha

Anonymous said...

The plastic gloves that are on top of the bottle inflate because when the yeast gets warm water and sugar, it is able to produce CO2 and energy. Since the CO2 has no place to go, it builds up pressure in the bottle and the easiest place for it to expand in is the top where the glove is. If the reaction works correctly, this is what allows the plastic glove to expand with carbon dioxide.

Arnav Jain

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us that project mr.forde
- Jefryn Segura