Friday, February 20, 2015

Punnett Squares

I am an awesome tongue roller! (Probably Homozygous dominant = TT)

Punnett Square Practice Problems:

1) Link #1

2) Link #2

3) Link #3

Heterozygous means mixed letter..... like "Tt" or "Ss"

Homozygous means same letter.... "TT" or "ss"

There are two kinds of Homozygous......
If you have two large letters you are Homozygous Dominant "TT" etc.
If you have two small letter allels you are homozygous recessive "tt" etc.

Two more words....

Genotype means your genetic make up like TT or Tt. You are talking about the alleles or genes.

Phenotype is the actual outcome of the gene. "Tongue roller" or "Blue Eyes". It is what you see expressed.

Best of luck!!

Mr F :-)

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