Friday, January 30, 2015

Genetics: Twin Movie


Anonymous said...

Hey MR. Forde i had a small question about twins and the video. Do u think it is possible that the twins in the video felt like they know wht each other was thinking because their brains are wired the same? KF ❤

Jim Forde said...

Hey Kayla!

I've heard that identical twins often feel that way. I don't understand how that would work ( from a science point of view)but there are many things that we always don't understand!

I'm glad you are posting!

Mr. f :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr.forde i got my answer from a web site and it said " Identical twins have identical genes but they don't have identical brains and that is because learning leads to anatomical changes in the brain and even identical twins will have different social experiences, different learning experiences, and therefore will end up having different brains. Every single person in the world, as far as we know, has a slightly different brain than any other person because they've been exposed to somewhat different social and environmental experiences." KF ❤

Anonymous said...

Is it true that identical twins always use the same hand??