Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nature vs Nurture Walk

Try this nature vs. nurture walk!

Do you think that who you are is determined by your genes or your environment?

Write a response for extra credit!
Mr. F :-)


Anonymous said...

The game showed me how your genes and personalitys are determined.
-your favorite student

daniel and grace said...

this showed me how genes and personalities are figured out

Anonymous said...

Today I learned new parts of computer software and went into more depth of the possibilities of trait outcomes.
-your actual favorite student

Anonymous said...

Yes it is determined by the environment if plant and animals by gene-pie lover

Anonymous said...

this game is fun and i learned new things

Sephora Sanon

Anonymous said...

Genes because you are made from your mom and dads genes together. Half from your mom and half from your dad. I don't know how you are made from the environment. Lastly, from what we learned proves that we are made from genes.

-Joey Belmonte

Anonymous said...

im your favorite student by far


zack .t

Anonymous said...

Envierment since genes determine how you look but your personality would depend on who you live with or where you are.
-Liam O'Grady

Anonymous said...

How long does this essay have to be I'm not really sure?

Anonymous said...

i dont really understand question number three on the homework.


[]::::[::::::]> =a knife

Jim Forde said...

Hey Zack....see me during homeroom and we'll go over it. Mr. F :-)