Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BTB indicator and Carbon Dioxide Lab

What are we doing here and what did the data reveal to us?
Mr. F :-)


Francesca Fry said...

Hi Mr.Forde it's Francesca I left my science stuff at home and I was wondering if you had any websites in mind that I can go on tk study with?

Jim Forde said...

Hi Francesa,

You can use the powerpoint on the human body ont he right side or you can use the links on the blog to review the digestive system etc.

Do your best and we'll see how you do.

Mr. F :-)

Jim Forde said...

Upon analysis of the data it is very interesting how similar the results are across the four classes.

P1 average = 3.2
P3 average= 3.5
P4 average= 3.4
P6 average= 3.6

The results looked a lot more random than this when they were listed on the board....don't you think?

What does this say about you as middle schoolers?

Mr. F :)