Thursday, June 2, 2011

What did you think of today's movie about NOLA?


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a little too early to post a comment for this. ;( I can't wait to see the movie though!


Anonymous said...

I think that it was a very touching movie because it showed us to respect the power of nature and the wetlands. I learned that the wetlands help protect N'awlins from hurricanes and when we take them down, it increases the damage of an earthquake. Lastly. I learned that even though levi's and breakwaters may prove a short term result of protection, but they have a long term impact on the environment.


Anonymous said...

I think this was a great movie to enhance the whole topic of earth processes. The movie showed how people were experiencing the problems in real life not just through a textbook. The movie was also good because since we saw it after the unit we under stood everything.

Karol :)

Anonymous said...

This was a sad movie. Today on the news, it was talking about the tornado in Springfield,MA. A mother literally shoved her teenage daughter into the tub. She protected her daughter by putting herself on top of her, while the roof collapsed. The mom died, but the daughter lived. She saw her mom die. That will surely haunt her now. I fell really bad for her.

-Swathy =]

Anonymous said...

I thought that today's movie was a great way to end the unit because it talked about erosion and how much it had really impacted life in New Orleans. If the erosion in the wetlands hadn't been so drastic, the hurricane would have been less powerful and damaging.
I also found it interesting that the hurricane hit as the movie was filming, which they hadn't expected. It helped perfectly in making the point that those wetlands in New Orleans need to be saved as soon as possible.
Nicole :P

Mary said...

I really enjoyed this movie. It taught me alot about how the wet lands in New Orleans are being affected. It's really sad that if they all go away new Orleans could be under water. I just think that this movie will teach us not to mess to much with the earth and its natural look.